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I Ship: A Container Ship's Colossal Journey

Lerner Publishing Group (Millbrook Press)

ISBN :‎ 978-1728476827

An NPR Science Friday 2023 Best STEM Book for Kids!

"This is bliss for any child who loves boats, for units on global transportation, or for anyone who has ever asked how this all works."―School Library Journal

"An informative peek at our global infrastructure's major lifeline." -- Kirkus

"Uniquely Intriguing [...] Perfect for the child who has tons of questions about transportation." -- NPR Science Friday

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Come aboard a massive container ship as it pulls into port, loads up with cargo, and heads out to the open ocean. The ship’s voyage includes starry skies and stormy seas, swift currents and unforeseen delays. Through it all, the crew keeps working—with goods to keep the world going, they must carry on.

Rhythmic text from Kelly Rice Schmitt and delightfully detailed illustrations from Jam Dong provide a riveting look at the journey of one mighty ship.


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Check out our book teaser, made by illustrator Jam Dong!

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